T6: the most important agro-industrial complex in Latin America

T6, located in the banks of the Paraná river, is made up by Terminal 6 S.A. and T6 Industrial S.A., a join venture between AGD y BUNGE.

Since 1985, significant investments were made in Terminal 6 S.A.that allowed us to reach our current reception capacity of 80,000 tonnes per day of raw material and our storage capacity of more than 1.6 million tonnes of dry solid products and liquids.
Soybean crushing and the production of biodiesel and refined glycerin are carried out at T6 Industrial S.A. The total soybean crushing capacity at the complex is over 20,000 tonnes per day, which are used for the production of crude oil, protein meal, and hull pellets. Likewise, the production of biodiesel and refined glycerin is intended for both the domestic and the export markets.
In this way, T6 takes part in the agribusiness process developing activities of reception, storage, industrialization and shipment at the service of our shareholders, AGD and BUNGE, in order to accomplish our mission: "To add value to the agribusiness chain fostering in people the constant search for excellence.”

In this regard, the activities are performed aiming at creating sustainable benefits standing on three strategic dimensions that constitute the basis of our organization development:
• To ADD VALUE: we are committed to generate benefits for every interest group involved in the productive processes, creating strong ties that help to establish upright relationships, sustainable in time, and of mutual development.

PEOPLE: we are committed to people's welfare and development, especially those of our personnel who, by means of their excellence-oriented work, contribute to adding value to the organization processes.

EXCELLENCE: we are committed to improving our work and to improving it always, meeting quality requirements, and taking care of the environment as well as the safety and health of all the people that perform their tasks and provide their services to our company.

On the basis of these three dimensions, we have developed the main strategic principles which guide our daily actions towards capitalizing on good practices, so that we can achieve ever-increasing quality at every single process and product — with the same enthusiasm and professionalism of those who brought about all the results attained through our history.
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