T6 Port

Reception, storage and shipment

The Port Managment is responsible for the reception of goods process, the storage of dry and liquid products, the dispatch and shipments process.
 Reception: The maximum daily unloading capacity is 80.000 tons, distributed in these 3 different means of transport shown below.
Trucks: 40.000 ton/day
Railcars: 26.000 ton/day
Barges: 14.000 ton/day

Storage: T6 storing capacity for dry and liquid products is more than 1.6 million tones and it is distrubited as follows:
15 vertical silos used mainly for storing grains.
13 flat silos used for storing byproducts (protein meals and hull pellets) and 2 flat silos, with a storing capacity of 200 thousand each, to feed the crushing plants.
60 tanks for the storage of liquid products.

Dispatch and shipment: T6 operates 3 berths and 3 loading platforms. The total maximum shipping capacity per year is 13 millons tons.

 Total shipments from 1987 up to 2015

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